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Effective And Affordable Information Technology Solutions For Your Business

SQL Databases

Slow and unreliable databases cost your business money. We specialize in database design, management, and deployment to keep your business running smoothly.

Wireless Networking

Keeping your business connected is critical. We help you setup a fast, reliable wireless network so you don't have to worry about costly downtime.

Cyber Security

The loss or compromise of critical data can cripple a business. The protection of sensitive and business critical data is one of our core competencies.

VOIP Phone Systems

We help our customers keep their sales pipeline full by ensuring consistent uptime with their VOIP phone system.

Printer Help

A centerpiece of the office, printer downtime can result in a huge hit to productivity. If your printer is costing you money, we can help get you back on track.

Ongoing Support

Your business works around the clock, and so do we. We offer remote and on site support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Custom Software For Your Business


Repetitive tasks that require manual labor, such as data entry, cost your business countless hours of inefficient labor. With custom software, you can streamline and automate non-value added tasks.

We have almost a decade of experience in automating small business processes to free up valuable founder and employee time.


With all the resources you free up, you are able to expand your business by redirecting employees to activities that grow the bottom line of your business.

Our customers were able to redirect employees from data entry to important roles in customer service and care, resulting in more referral and repeat business over time.


By increasing the efficiency of your processes and redirecting your employees to revenue generating tasks, profitability will skyrocket. The increased profits pay for the software ten times over.

We offer affordable solutions that offer 10 times the value of their price tag, within the first year of deployment.

Some Of The Industries We Service

Law Firms

For more than 10 years we have focused on helping our attorney clients meet their organizational, productivity, and regulatory goals. We understand the complex needs of each firm and customize our services accordingly. Our digital document retention and data protection capabilities ensures that you are in compliance with your obligation to retain client documents and communications. We take pride in ourselves that we have never lost any client data. Having a redundant strategy greatly minimizes exposure to liability.

Retail Automotive

With almost 4 years under our belt in the retail automotive industry, we fully understand the challenges dealerships face in this fast and highly competitive specialized market. Dealerships create an incredible amount of paper waste. We can help you become more efficient and significantly reduce the paper that you generate. The regulatory mandates on dealerships are enormous, and sometimes devastating to the bottom line. In Arizona, simple clerical errors in dealer plate logs can result in criminal charges for the licensee. We can help you streamline your compliance while increasing your profits at the same time.

Call Centers

If you are a marketing company, market research firm, or even a charity fundraiser, we can help with your outbound and inbound campaigns. Delivering call center services for over 8 years now makes our firm a fantastic choice to setup and configure your call room floor. Whether it's 8 seats or 500, you can be assured that we will deliver the best solution for you.

About Critical Technology Services

Every business must have reasonably current technology. If you are running your business on Windows XP and have paper laying all over the place, then you should call Critical Technology Services. We'll bring you into the new century while saving you time and money.

Do you have a frustrating Access database or a spreadsheet that's out of control? Is this slowing you down, costing your valuable resources? We can help by exporting that data into MS SQL server and creating a custom user interface, in the cloud, designed to meet your exact needs.

When you hire Critical Technology Services, you are getting the commitment and reliability that you deserve. Every business faces unique challenges. We are here to help you face them head on.

We offer a full array of IT services that covers desktop computers, networking, servers, software installation, custom software development, database services, and much more. We do whatever it takes to meet the demanding needs of your business. Most small businesses cannot afford full-time IT staff - that's where we step in. We understand the needs of small businesses because we are a small business too.

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